Tennis Court Cleaning Explained

Tennis Court Cleaning

Surface Maintenance

Maintenance of any surface whether macadam or artificial grass is essential to prolong the life of surface to its optimum and we recommend bi-annual treatment

Macadam Surfaces
High pressure washing. All we need is an outside tap for water supply. Washing should be followed by chemical moss treatment to minimise re-growth.

Artificial Surfaces
Power brushing to remove all dirt and moss accumulated within the texture of the surface followed by moss treatment to minimise re-growth. Re-spreading and topping up of sand where applicable.Jet washing tennis courts

Most sports areas constructed outdoors are porous, and consist of a permeable foundation of broken graded stone, on which is laid a macadam base course and wearing course surface.   This is then covered with a coloured acrylic paint, polymeric or artificial grass surface.

The resulting surface is fully permeable, hard wearing and requires relatively little maintenance, but however modest the maintenance required, it is nevertheless of vital importance if the surface is to remain good to look at, good to play on and long lasting. 

A typically porous MacAdam court left to the elements.

After one days hard work. This could have been avoided with a good housekeeping policy.