House Clearances and Rubbish Removal


A1DCS specialise in rubbish/waste removal the complete service from removing the waste you don’t want, recycling whatever we can, donating the usable, then we will jet wash clean the area to finishwith.  So all you have to do is make that phone call and we will do the rest.  

  • House clearances
  • Garden clearances
  • Garage clearances
  • Office clearances
  • Site clearances

Rather than hire a skip we come out with one of ourvehicles and remove the rubbishfor you, we are competitively priced to a skip the difference with us is you get the labour for free.

We have an environmentally friendly approach to waste removal and house clearances, where possible we will recycle, re-use or donate items which are deemed to be "too good to throw",we have a relationship with local charities who are always happy to accept donations of clothes, furniture and other usable materials. Waste issorted and categorised so that the minimum amount is sent to landfill, all paper materials are recycled, all woods and timber are put to use for good causes in the community, be it for repairing fences to fixing benches we aim to minimise the overall waste.Recycle

Household and office waste typically weighs less than the waste from a kitchen refit or a shop refurbishment, we have structured our rubbish removal service into two weight categories. Light loads include house clearances, garden waste removal, office paper collection and waste reRubbish Removalmoval while heavy loads would include Kitchen refurbishments, shop interiors, and any other bulky or dense loads which require removal. If you are a large business any require an office space or warehouse clearing please visit out Forecourt clearing section for details on how we can help you.

The table below shows our guide prices for removal and clearances in the Greater Manchester area. Naturally we know that not all jobs are "standard" and as such can provde a more tailored quotation to your needs on inspection.

Level* Labour Allowance Light Loads** (Total Cost) Heavy Loads** (Total Cost)
1 15 Mins £60.00 £65.00
2 20 Mins £80.00 £85.00
3 25 Mins £100.00 £105.00
4 30 Mins £115.00 £120.00
5 35 Mins £130.00 £135.00
6 40 Mins £150.00 £155.00
7 45 Mins £170.00 £175.00
8 50 Mins £185.00 £190.00
9 55 Mins £200.00 £205.00
10 60 Mins £220.00 £225.00
11 65 Mins £240.00 £245.00
12 70 Mins £255.00 £260.00
13 75 Mins £270.00 £275.00
14 80 Mins £290.00 £295.00


*Level is based on the amount of junk to be removed, level 1 = 1 - 2 cubic yards, Level 2 = 2 - 3 cubic yards etc.
**Light loads are based on items such as: clothing, light furniture, general and garden waste. Heavy loads are based on kitchen and office equipment, large / dense items.

Electrical Waste

Electrical waste needs to be disposed of in the correct manner according to the WEEE regulations and as such we incur additional charges to process this type of waste. There are also times when additional charges will be incurred for things such as additional labour time, other specialist items etc. The table below shows the additional charges for these type of items.

Description Cost
Additional Labour - (Per extra 10 minutes over the allocated time unless pre-agreed) £5.00
Extra man on the job £25.00
Parking charges / Parking Fines £At Cost
Computer Equipment (PC's Laptops etc) £5.00
Televisions / Computer Monitors £12.00
Car Tyres £4.00
Calor Gas and Chubb fire extinguishers £7.00
Flourescent Tubes £4.00
Chemicals and Hazardous Waste £65.00


SkipThere may be additional charges incurred for removing items from a commercial premises. Please contact us in advance if you require any of the above removing and are in a commercial premises.

A1DCS Rubbish Removals is a licensed waste carrier company and is committed to disposing of your waste in accordance with latest environmental Legislation. We provide an extensive rubbish removal service for all manner of clients, both public and private. We can quickly and efficiently clear sites of all unwanted rubbish.....

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