Path Cleaning Explained:

path cleaners manchesterDiamond Cleaning Services are your best solution in the north west to have your pathway gleaming like a shiny new pin.

We have a great solution to cleaning the grunge and grime from brick, stone and concrete pathways. Using our professional equipment, we will bring out the best in your stone work.

First Things First

path cleaning cheshireOnce you've decided your Path needs a good clean, the first thing to do is to contact the experts at Diamond Cleaning Services for a full no obligation free quote.
Telephone: 0161 286 0605 / 07967 411 285

If you've neglected your path for some time, you might find that weeds have started to appear. We use a suitable weed removal tool and then sweep the whole area free of dirt and weeds. It's important to remove weeds as they can grow and spread which can cause your path tiles to shift which, in turn, causes added problems when water gets under the tiles and starts eroding the sand which supports the tiles underneath.

Once we've done all that, it's time for the cleaning process.

Time to Begin

path cleaners saleFirstly, we would need to assess the project and devise a strategy for cleaning which takes into account the direction in which the pathway drains and the location of any fragile objects such as plants, pots and any light fittings, though you should try and move as many of these items away where possible prior to cleaning.

We aim to work in the direction in which the water flows so that we're not coming up against the effects of gravity.

path and brickwork cleaningRemember that the grout between masonry and stone is vulnerable to pressure cleaning.

We can add eco friendly chemicals for treating the pathway surface. Of course, if your pathway's not too dirty, it's not essential to add a chemical solution but it can add to its shine.

You must allow 48 hours for the pathway to dry before sealing or coating the concrete, masonry or stone.

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Stone and Blockwork Cleaned and Maintained
Paving Repairs and Maintenance
Moss and Fungal Removal