Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance Service

A1 diamond cleaning services specialize in all types of cleaning, and domestic and commercial gutter cleaning is one of our busiest sections because blocked gutters can cause major problems, not just the obvious to the eye as in overflowing, but also the unseen as in the damage to the masonory, pointing and seepage to the interior of the property where the electrics, plaster, and decor  can be destroyed as well as damp issues.

Using the very latest telescopic low to high reach pressure washing lances and gutter vaccums we are able to resolve any issues you have with your gutters mostly from the ground. On the larger buildings we will use a cherry picker for health and safety reasons resulting in the same outcome, a fully restored functional gutter system.

So why not either email or phone us with your enquiry and we will arrange a metting to discuss the matter and a free quotation.


Our specially designed powerful three motor wet / dry vacuum cleaner will carefully vacuum clean and survey all types of commercial and domestic gutters removing the build up of silt, moss, weeds and leaves all from the safety of the ground using specially adapted light wieght telescopic pole.Problem areas can be surveyed using our camera system ensuring that no blockage is left undetected. When the obstruction has been cleared we will finish with a high pressure jet wash to thoroughly clean and rinse. We can then show the customer the completed job via our video monitor, CD  or sent to thier PC as a download for thier records.